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Exceeding Expectations

We believe in building relationships with our clients, offering you trusted advice and providing an outstanding level of service. We stay focussed on what’s best for you throughout the entire process – from our initial appraisal to the successful completion of your property sale.

Maximum Value

We’ve been selling property in Ayrshire for almost twenty years and we have an intimate knowledge of the local market When we visit you, we’ll explain the latest market trends, and how we can showcase your home to the widest audience, all to achieve maximum value.

Superb Presentations

We’ll present your property to buyers at the highest level possible. We’ll start by advising you on simple things you can do to your home to increase sales appeal and maximise its value. Using professional photography, we’ll show your property at its absolute best – online, in our window and in print. If that means revisiting and taking outside images when there’s blue sky, we’ll happily do so. We also help build desire for your neighbourhood as well as your home, and are continually adding to our extensive portfolio of local area shots, from blossom in full bloom to stunning sunsets.


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Relevant Matches

We take time to understand buyers’ needs, as well as sellers. Listening carefully to the type of property and features they’re looking for, we create detailed profiles for each in our extensive database. When you list your property for sale with us, we’ll match it with suitable buyer profiles and arrange viewings for each one.

We promise our matching system is highly efficient – if a profile doesn’t fit, we won’t force it and risk wasting anyone’s time. Instead, we introduce buyers and sellers through careful and relevant selection, to help achieve a positive conclusion more quickly.

Professional Viewings

We would be delighted to assist with property viewings on your behalf. Our team goes well beyond simply ‘letting people in’. Fully prepared and knowledgeable, we’ll sell the key benefits and features of your home, highlighting positive and even quirky aspects. With viewings, we look at property through the eyes of a buyer, while working on behalf of the seller. This means we anticipate possible questions, so we’re well equipped with helpful answers or suggestions to create a ‘better fit’.

Completely switched on to the local area, our viewings team will promote your neighbourhood or town too. We will gladly answer any queries viewers may have, such as schools, transport or leisure.


Expert Negotiations

Working entirely on your behalf, we’ll negotiate the best possible outcome for your property sale. Our negotiators are highly skilled, and will take complete and professional control to achieve the results you want. When an offer is received, we’ll give you sound and trusted advice on what to do next, based on our experience and knowledge of the local market. We promise only to recommend accepting an offer if we genuinely believe it’s the right one for you.

Once an offer has been agreed, we’ll stay involved to the very end, making sure your sale goes through smoothly, addressing any issues along the way. Only when the sale is absolutely solid, do we bow out.

Our team are here to help.

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