Richard Thomson - Stonefield Estate Agents

Richard Thomson

In 2008, Richard laid the foundation for Stonefield and swiftly left a lasting impression on the Ayrshire property market. With unwavering dedication, he tirelessly worked to expand the business, establish a prominent brand, and assemble an exceptional team. As a result, he cultivated the most thriving agency in Ayrshire.

Richard’s real estate expertise extends beyond Ayrshire. He has also made significant contributions to the industry in Europe and founded a highly successful property business in London in 2017. Specializing in the prime property sector, he dealt with exclusive off-market residential and commercial real estate in the capital. This venture further solidified Richard’s industry-leading experience and unmatched comprehension of the residential market.

Richard’s visionary leadership and unparalleled understanding of the real estate landscape position him as a respected authority in the field. His track record of success, coupled with his commitment to excellence, continue to drive Stonefield’s prominence in the market.